About Me

Hi, I’m Ana and I see that you’re reading my blog. Good choice. Now, let’s get one thing clear. This is a place I go to write about what I’m thinking. Do I care if you are offended? The answer is no. If I post about something that could trigger anxiety or force you to relive bad memories, I will post a trigger warning.

I’m considered a cradle Catholic, but say I’m a revert, because I fell away from the Church for a brief time (still continuing to go to Mass!). Many of my friends joke that I knows half the priests in my home diocese, the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, because it seems as if I know every priest I meet!

I’m a Theology and English major, minoring in Philosophy and Performing Arts at Notre Dame College, Falcons Class of ’18. Commonly seen on my college campus (or other places) in leggings and a hoodie and holding a rosary, I’m a Chai Tea lover, an avid fan of the Harry Potter series, and I listen to heavy metal, as well as Matt Maher. I fangirl over Pope Francis regularly. I also enjoy being with friends and family, playing violin, singing, rollerblading, reading, writing, and spending time with my three Labrador Retrievers and cat. I am also pro-life.

When asked who my favorite saint is, I say, “All of them!” but I have a particular soft spot for St. Thomas Aquinas (after whom I was nicknamed, and it stuck!) and St. Pope John Paul II. For me, knowing saints is not a game. I’m that Catholic grandmother. And one of my catchphrases happens to be “There’s a saint for that.”

I wanted to enter a religious Order right out of high school, but ended up enrolling in college at NDC because of a number of things that happened on my life: being told that I was too young to make that decision, being told I needed to experience life, and more. I decided to give college a shot: I’d give it a year, and then see where God led me to go after that. I decided to study Theology. Well, I’m in the second half of year number 3 after a lot of deliberating during years 1 and 2. I will continue to discern both the vocation to the Religious Life and the vocation to Marriage.

This is my prayer: otus tuus ego sum, et omnia mea tua sunt. *I am all Yours and all that I have belongs to You.*


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