People know that I have an obsession with corgis, so when it came to writing a story about lost things during a poetry class, a corgi became the main character. This poem is about grief, and how it affects yourself and others. In the story, the corgi is grieving a loss, the loss of his collar, and he notices how big the changes in his life are, even with such a small loss.

I’m a corgi called Carlos, and I lost my collar.

And now, nobody can hear me coming.

I can’t run toward my person when she comes home

Tags jingling, ringing like a fire bell.

Silence. Running doesn’t sound the same anymore

I was running outside beneath a tree,

Feeling the low branches brush my back

I felt something tugging on my collar

I wriggled away from whatever was pulling it

I heard a snap, and then I was free.

It feels like I have a thorn in my paw.

Nothing’s really hurt but my pride.

I don’t have the status that the other dogs have.

The others lay their ears back and growl.

I can’t chew the rope toy with them.

I feel naked, like I forgot something

Shame. Grief. I lost what I hold dear.

I don’t have friends anymore.

I wish I could wriggle back to where I was

To recover what I lost.

That ring of an unknown color

(I can only see black and white)

Those metallic tags that warn I’m coming

I’m cold without them

Golly, I miss my collar.