I don’t mean to start an argument about abortion, but here’s something that someone really must think about.

If someone kills a woman, and this woman is pregnant, it is considered a double homicide. However, if a pregnant woman gets an abortion, it isn’t considered killing a human being. I’m sorry, but what the hell? You can’t consider an unborn child as human when it seems convenient to do so. Why is the unborn child considered human when the mother is killed, but not when the mother decides to get an abortion? Don’t tell me that science determines it. Because that’s bull. If you were to use science to determine whether or not an unborn child is human, you would learn that yes, when a child is in the womb, it is still human. It’s alive, it still has human DNA, and (OH MY GOSH….SHOCKER) did you ever notice that it is growing inside of ANOTHER HUMAN BEING? Science says that human beings cannot produce offspring that isn’t human. So why are people saying that an unborn child isn’t human? FLAWED LOGIC.

Okay. Rant over.


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