Twenty | One | Pilots talking about the Gospel in their music?


Twenty One Pilots consists of two dudes, Tyler Joseph who sings and plays the piano and ukulele, and Josh Dun who is the drummer. From the course of listening to Twenty One Pilots, from their latest album “Vessel” with the electronic pumped up beat the last thing I would have guessed is that they mention God in their music. It took me awhile to figure it out, but with deep and intense research on the internet for many hours, I finally got the answer.

YES! If you look a little deeper and think about it, there are actually many lyrics and whole songs that reference to God. Also, Tyler Joseph himself is a dedicated Christian  who previously before Twenty One Pilots, wrote and created music with his pastor at his church. here’s a link to one of the songs which Tyler cowrote and sang in.

Now, back to the main…

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13 Things No One Understands About Working In Retail

I work in retail, and I can agree with this.

Thought Catalog

1. Being rude to me won’t get you anywhere

I understand it’s frustrating when I can’t give you the discount you want or when we don’t have something in stock. But guess what? I make an hourly wage, I don’t make the decisions you’re upset about, I just have to enforce them with a smile on my face. It might feel good to release your frustration and be rude to me, but it’s not going to change anything, it’s just going to make you that guy.

2. The customer is NOT always right

I love customer service, I really do or I would not have lasted this long in retail. However there is a line between giving good customer service and letting someone get away with anything just because they are a (potential) customer. In my experience the people who say “the customer is always right” are cheap assholes who…

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