Deo Gratias!

Back in February of this year, my Tia Rosie was diagnosed with three types of cancer, all of which were stage 4. I didn’t find out til April. She didn’t know how to tell me. It hit me really hard when I did find out. I prayed, hard. That’s the only thing that I could do from all the way across the country.

Then, the other night, I went to post something on her facebook timeline, and I saw this post. When I read the post, I immediately felt a weight lift off of me. Joy filled my heart. Then, because I was so overwhelmed by God’s providence and loving care, I began to cry tears of joy. God is so so good. My theology buddy, the only one who completely understands why I study theology, is healing, slowly but surely.

The doctors could not explain how the two cancers disappeared, and could not explain how the other one shrank. They said it was a miracle. I don’t doubt it.

Miracles do happen. If I didn’t believe that before, I sure do now. I’m asking all of you to pray that her healing continues, and that her lung cancer shrinks to nothing!

ALL life is precious.

Deo gratias!

Screenshot 2015-06-24 at 1.16.09 AM


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