Pope’s “Laudato Si” Encyclical Causing Church Environment Problems



A new encyclical entitled “Laudato Si” is about to be released sometime today – (6 AM Eastern Time) – is causing controversy among Catholics and non-Catholics.  A draft of the encyclical was leaked by L’Espresso magazine and is getting mixed reactions.  In this draft, the Pope is siding with environmentalists and calling attention to global warming and the influence humanity has in this significant alteration of the Earth’s climate.

Conservatives are already attacking the Pope based on the leaked draft calling him a “progressive” and even a “communist.” Conservatives in the United States for the most part deny that global warming is occurring and believe it is propaganda from the left in order to put restrictions on businesses that generate a lot of profits at the cost of the environment. Even Catholics who adhere to conservative political views are upset at the Pope’s involvement in the global warming issue and…

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