At Romero’s beatification, offertory includes document of war’s atrocities

I have no idea how I missed seeing his beatification online!!

CNS Blog

San Salvador, EL SALVADOR – One of the offertory items at Saturday’s beatification ceremony of El Salvador’s Archbishop Oscar Romero is a copy of a document generated during the peace accords that ended the country’s 12-year civil war in 1992.

“De la locura a la esperanza,” or “From madness to hope,” chronicles some of the greatest human rights atrocities committed by both sides of the armed conflict in the Central American nation.

The document lists the numerous disappearances as well as massacres, such as the one in the town of El Mozote, where about 800 unarmed civilians, including many children, were murdered in 1981. It also tells of the 1980 murder and rape of four women religious from North America.

The report was written by the Commission for Truth for El Salvador.

It will be offered “as our commitment to continue to work toward peace so that it can firmly be established in our country,” said an official from the…

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