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Discernment is a pain in the butt. Let’s get that out of the way first.

I remember first learning that the word “discern” comes from the Latin “to set apart,” or even “to wrestle” with a decision, and boy would I agree. It’s still one of my least favorite words. Of course, I write regarding discerning one’s vocation, not whether or not I should put bacon on my sandwich (always put bacon on your sandwich).  To discern is to be considering two potential good options, and that’s not an easy, cut-and-dry decision.

The awful thing about discernment is how much energy is seems to take up. Emotional, spiritual, mental, even physical energy. I have many grey hairs already that I fondly refer to as my “discernment hairs.”

What does God want from me?”

“What is my vocation?”

“Why doesn’t He just TELL me what to do?”

Ah, been there…

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