Tia Rosie

Sts. Peregrine and Jude, pray for us!
Tia Rosie is my Theology and all things Catholic nerd buddy. If it wasn’t for her pushing me to major in Theology and minor in Philosophy, I wouldn’t be a Theology major and Philosophy minor at all!! She is one of the people I have to thank for helping me find something that I’m good at and that brings me joy, and thanks to her, I have come fully alive! I was so blessed to be able to meet her for the first time in the summer of 2014 when I was out on the west coast in the Bay Area…along with other family members as well. Tia Rosie is an amazing and strong woman. God’s going to get you through this, Tia Rosie. I know He will. I love you, and I am praying so hard for you while you undergo treatment for cancer. I can’t be out there in San Leandro with you physically, but I can be there in spirit!


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