15 Struggles Only People Who Are Painfully Uncoordinated Understand

Again. This is me.

Thought Catalog

YouTube, Fritz The Uncoordinated DogYouTube, Fritz The Uncoordinated Dog

1. You’re counting the days until the Zumba craze finally subsides, because honestly, are they trying to kill you.

2. People think you’re really good at dancing horribly on purpose, but you know that that dancing is just you trying your best.

3. Dance crazes like Gangnam Style or the Soulja Boy were your own personal hell because you couldn’t stand in the back and fake it without everyone noticing that you have no idea what you’re doing.

4. People are always trying to give you tips on how to dance, and you need to figure out a polite way to say, “Your effort is honorable, but literally a waste of time.”

5. The Dance Dance Revolution phase that all of your friends went through meant that you “had a cold and couldn’t hang out” for a solid two years.

6. Sometimes you dance alone…

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