20 Things A 20-Something Guy Says That Straight Up Tell You He’s Just Not Into You

Thought Catalog

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1. “I don’t really use labels.”

He’ll call someone his girlfriend at some point. He’s just not ready or interested in using that label with you.

2. “Sorry I just got your text.”

No he didn’t. His phone is always in front of him or in his pocket. He saw your text a while ago. It just wasn’t a priority for him to respond right away.

3. “I think you’re awesome. But…”

He probably does think you’re awesome. But this is also probably his way of letting you down easy.

4. “I’m not sure what I want right now.”

You’re not what he wants right now. If he wanted to be with you he would make that clear.

5. “This week’s crazy for me.”

Maybe he is really busy, maybe he is not. The only truth you can count on from this is that it’s not gonna happen…

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