The theological significance of veiling

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If you assist regularly at a TLM parish, or maybe a very reverent and tradition-leaning Novus Ordo one, you have seen all the statues and crucifixes veiled since Passion Sunday.  That will continue until the Easter Vigil Mass.  Many may not know why that veiling has taken place, or perhaps have only a partial understanding.  The sermon below is very illuminating in that regard.  It does more than merely explain the practice of veiling (statues and women), but also delves quite deeply into the great theological significance of so many of the physical aspects of church design as they relate to the Sacred Liturgy. Compare and contrast with modern church architecture and you can easily see how the Lex Orandi has been radically changed, leading to a problematic if not disordered Lex Credendi and Lex Vivendi.

So much thought has gone into traditional liturgical design!  It is otherworldly, beyond human…

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