‘Envelope, please’: 6 things you may not know about the Oscars envelope



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HOLLYWOOD, California (CNN) — The shining Oscar statuette is a celebrated symbol of the Academy Awards, but there is another icon on the Oscars scene.

Weighing a quarter of a pound and seen by millions of viewers around the world, it’s the Oscar envelope.

It bears, after all, the Oscar winner’s name.

The golden envelope was initially developed as a safeguard against leaks to the media of the winners’ names. Yet the envelope holds some secrets of its own. Here are six little-known facts about the famous Oscar envelope, which has emerged as an Oscars emblem in its own right.

The envelope is younger than Oscar

Although Sunday’s Oscars extravaganza marks the 87th Academy Awards, the envelope is celebrating only its 75th birthday.

When the Oscars began in 1929, the winners were announced three months prior to their triumphs. That changed in 1930, when the Academy distributed the…

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