15 Undeniable Signs Your Roommate Is Actually Your Soulmate

This is going to be me and my friend Maddie….it looks like it already is somewhat….

Thought Catalog


1. You experience massive separation anxiety

We all like some solo time, but more often than not, you find yourself seriously missing your roommate when they’ve been gone for a little bit. Like…obscenely miss them. Ready-to-curl-up-in-the-fetal-position-and-rock-yourself-to-sleep-until-they-return kind of missing them.

2. “Ughhh, I actually miss you already” is a common text message

When you are away from one another, you can guarantee your phone is FULLLLL of messages declaring your love and this PAIN IN YOUR DAMN HEART FROM MISSING THEM!! *baby come back*

3. Any significant other understands how important your roomie is

I mean, seriously, can anyone really understand you the same way someone who took care of your drunk, embarrassing ass that one Saturday night when you tried to start karaoke at a bar without a karaoke machine? Nahh, your romantic bae better understand they share you with someone else.

4. They’ve seen you at your…

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