Bunny Kisses

Written on November 1, 2014

It was obvious from the moment we met Bob in the middle of Petsmart that he was something special. He lay there on the table, cool as a cucumber, watching everything around him in that chaotic store. The rescue lady even said that he was the calmest rabbit she ever saw. We adopted him shortly after my dog, Bessie, was put to sleep. He officially became a part of our family on May 5th 2005. Bob the Bunny was a bunny with personality. He even had his own song. And he had fans, and more likely than not, a fan club that I probably don’t know about. If we could open the cause of canonization (sainthood) for animals, Bob the Bunny would be made a saint immediately. People equate my mother and Bob the Bunny as the team, since she took him on his therapy visits, but it was really me and Bob who were a team. I’ve been through a lot….and Bob’s been with me, hopping along beside me the whole way. Together, we could get through anything and everything.

This rabbit had a huge impact on everyone he met….he was a comforting presence to the sick and dying as well as to those people’s families. We would use a basket to carry him in, and when the basket was on my lap, he’d hop out of it and snuggle against me, his head and front feet on my shoulder. He was one of the most patient and friendly rabbits I’ve ever known (he only bit me once, and that was because I didn’t feed him fast enough), and apparently, he was multitalented. You couldn’t keep any fabric that was easy to chew in his reach, because he would make “bunny art” out of it. Bob also tried his hand (or teeth) at cosmetology once…he chewed off a good portion of my bangs when I fell asleep with my head against his cage. I would walk into the room after a long, hard day, and he’d come to the bars of the cage and look at me, his ears up and nose wiggling, which made me smile. If I held him when I was crying, he’d give me bunny kisses and wipe my tears away. He brought me so much joy.

It absolutely breaks my heart to tell you that Bob the Bunny has died. I got the news this morning. I feel incomplete right now. There’s a piece of the puzzle that’s missing.

It seems like animals don’t live long enough, no matter HOW long they’re with us. If there aren’t animals in Heaven, then that’s not my Heaven. Why wouldn’t something so good and beautiful go to Heaven? It’s said that Heaven is a place where we are free from all human longings, a place of supreme happiness. My supreme happiness would include that joy I got from my pets, especially Bob.

Missing my buddy more than ever right now. Would give anything to hear him banging around downstairs right now and to scratch his nose goodbye when I leave to go back to school on Sunday. I can’t sleep right now, knowing he’s not here with me. It’s just so hard. I know my family tried everything they could to save him. But it still breaks me apart.

I miss you, Beto. Thank you for being there for me, and for touching my life. I hope to see you again.

Missing you, rabbit bunny.

Me with Bob, 3/13/2013

Me with Bob, 3/13/2013


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